2007 Honda ST1300


Great sport tourer, you will be in heaven if you like a toasty bum though..:)



General Comments:


Strong quick motor.

Some what decent fuel mpg in the low 40s.

Has a good ride seating position with risers for me.

The elec shield is what every bike should have.

Handles really well for being porky, first bike I actually feel comfortable scraping pegs on.

Engine is smooth, powerful and pleasant with Staintunes installed.


It's a heavy bike, but is manageable.

For me, it's tall... I am 5'5 I can barely flat-foot one foot with the other either hanging or on the right peg. With the seat in the lowest position, I find my legs to be cramped, with a peg lowering kit it is OK.

Sitting lower puts the gas tank pushing into some not-so-nice places on my body.

HEAT, HEAT, HEAT. The gas tank boils and gets so hot! The seat gets so uncomfortable, not so much because it sucks, but because the seat gets so hot it causes heat rashes when riding in warm weather for more than an hour.

I have wrapped the headers and have not had a chance to see if that helps.

I do find my right throttle hand getting numb and some very small vibration in the right handle bars.

Aside from that the bike could be the perfect bike. But I just can't get past the heat and I am possibly looking into selling her already. I just don't think one should spend so much money to dial a bike in after spending 13k to buy it..:)

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Review Date: 8th August, 2008

7th Nov 2010, 01:31

I also own a ST1300. It's a 2006, and at first I thought I was the only person to have this problem, but there are people out there who do feel like you and me. BUT with the right riding gear and a firstlook gas tank cover, along with fairing deflectors, the problem is solved mostly.

Now to tell you about the high speed wobble these bikes have; you don't really notice it, but in certain wind conditions, the bike wobbles at higher speeds. Now not everybody says they've felt it, but a lot of people have, so the problem is there at times.

I'm not selling my bike, because I love it too much, so I just adjust to whatever problems come along, one at a time. This is a great bike.

8th Aug 2011, 14:20

Check your steering head bearings, they might be a little loose. This will cause a deceleration wobble at 45mph on most any bike, and stability issues at speed.

2005 Honda ST1300


Hot Diggidy! Long, fast, smooth ride


The balance shafts needed to be adjusted. Factory settings were OK, but there's a sweet spot that eliminates lower RPM growling. Whoever had it before me didn't take care of it.

General Comments:

In spite of the used condition of the bike, it was easily cleaned up. Decent maintenance makes a huge difference, and Honda made this machine to tolerate and recover nicely from the abuse. Regular maintenance is a breeze, but use a cookie sheet under the center stand when changing the oil filter as it'll run down the left leg of the stand. Be careful pulling the head cover (to get to the oil filler cap and spark plugs) as you can bend the metal keepers - read the book - it helps :o)

Lift the tank, pull the plenum (where the air filter is) and get a look at the engineering to really appreciate what Honda put into this machine - it's no wonder it runs as smooth and powerfully as it does. The framework is light, but way beyond rugged.

Mine has a slight dislike of oxygenated fuels (10% ethanol) and costs about 5-7% in MPG. Good gas and behaving myself can net mid 50s MPG highway, mid-high 40s around town. The biggest stock tank I've ever seen will get me about 300 miles before it hits reserve.

Adjustable windshield made the most notable difference transitioning from a Vulcan - First time out I went from 40 to 110 in 5th gear (so smooth) it wasn't until everybody else was going really slow that it dawned on me that maybe I should look at the speedometer while backing off the throttle. It never broke a sweat - just clean, smooth, quiet acceleration. I'll never be able to depend on wind buffeting or vibration as a speed indicator ever again.

Handling is outstanding - never dives into curves, but you can lean almost to the fairing and not lose traction or control. The handle bars could use a bit of a lift to straighten out the back for taller riders. Suspension is superb as one ride down I59 north of Houston (or most any Louisiana byway) will convince anybody.

It has some features I didn't expect, but was very pleased to discover. Adjustable headlight angle (from the dash), hazard lights, ample storage, really adjustable seat, and a fuel computer!? Yes, it gives you average or instantaneous mileage, two trip meters and when you run out to your reserve it tells you how many miles you have left before you're walking - cool!

All in all, I can see why there's not a huge market of used ones out there and why it can be tough to get a new one (depends on your dealer). This is a keeper.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2008