2006 Honda ST1300


Second to none!


With over 32k miles on the counter, the only thing I've been in the dealer for (under the warranty) has been the high beam bulb. I'm now on my 3rd bulb. I always drive with my high beams on so as to let drivers see me better. No other problems so far!

General Comments:

The bike (although it needs a diet) stays up with most of the guys I ride with on those ricky racers (GSXRs and R1s etc.).

The handling is great, and the mileage is ranging between 40-45 (depending on that right hand).

I use it almost every day as my commuter, and have taken several 800-1000 mile trips with no problems.

The first thing I fixed was the seat. Instead of spending $500 - 600 on a new seat, I sent it to a place in Florida (Spencers seats) and spent $75 to have him re-shape and add a nicer foam... what a difference. There is a few bikes I had a choice of when I bought the ST, including the FJR, the Beemer 1200RT, and now the Connie 14... and after having the ST for the last year and a 1/2... I wouldn't trade her for anything else, (maybe until I'm too old for the twisties) then maybe a wing in my future... Truly a great choice!

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Review Date: 15th December, 2007

2004 Honda ST1300


Nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

This bike is a 2004, sold new in 2006. I purchased this blue model in the summer of 2007. The bike is stock.

At first, after being snowed by its features, I began to notice the one thing that really bothers me. The front forks offer no compliance to road surfaces and offer quite a choppy ride. Now this has proven fine in the twisties, but this is more of a touring bike and I would like a smoother ride. My BMW was a beautifully handling bike and in comparison this Honda is a truck.

Also, it annoys me that heated grips and power adapters don't come stock on this level of motorcycle.

I tried to sell it, but no interest. Guess what, after a 1,000 miles I am beginning to enjoy the smooth deceptive motor and the unending torque it provides. The handling is growing on me too, and if only the forks were smoother I think I might love it.

The seat does begin to burn after an hour, but no one took a cast of my butt before building the stocker.

After all, I think this may be the best sport tourer out there.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2007

2004 Honda ST1300


A keeper that I will have for many years


There was a recall, re an electrical connector and a check of the rear brake bypass proportioning valve. On my bike the electrical part was done and a "check" of the valve revealed no faults.

General Comments:

This bike is easy to service, I do a lot of my own and this one is simple to do a minor service {oil, filter and if you wish the rear end oil}. Per Honda the work is done on the center stand. It takes but 4 qts. of oil. I did learn a trick; whilst changing the oil the bike should be placed on a large baking sheet to catch any oil spilled when the filter is removed. It will run down the left leg of the center stand.

There is a small plastic cover that has to be removed to access the oil fill. If you are at it and have an extra set of plugs handy, remove the same cover on both sides and there are all four plugs easily gotten to.

Ridden with some restraint, it will return 50 mpg to you.

For a bike that weighs in at over 600 lbs, it handles well, and as I mentioned, economy is good; I frequently get in the 40s around town.

Highway mileage depends upon one's right hand; on a trip to Daytona Beach one year, the speeds were high and so was consumption. Another trip to Two Wheels Only, economy was improved on largely due to the lower speeds.

The stock seat is something that needs to be improved on, and I will. Fit and finish is what is to be expected of Honda, mine is Pearl Dark Blue..

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Review Date: 26th August, 2007

7th May 2008, 22:29

I plan to buy a new 2006 ST1300. Everyone says the seat sucks after 100 miles. Don't know; I am six feet tall with no butt. I just want some ideas. Thanks.

22nd Jun 2008, 00:58

I have had my '04 ST1300 since Oct '04. second owner, it had about 9500 miles on it...

The seat comfort has never become an issue with me, mostly local driving, 100-300 miles per ride...

The first tires were Dunlops, which I wasn't too happy with, about 15000 miles, Metsingers lasted another 17000 miles, and, now have put Michelin Pilot 2 tires, which seem better in handling and ride comfort... but I have only driven about a thousand miles on these Michelins, but I like them...

Still no issues with the seat..