2008 Suzuki Boulevard C50T


Nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

Beautiful bike, there is no doubt. It's a real head turner! Mine is red and white with the full complements of the C50T model accessories.

I bought it used off Craigslist and it was only 4 months old. Previous owner added many goodies that I would have added myself (i.e. light bar, passenger floorboards, cruise lock, rear luggage rack). I was sold immediately.

This is my first bike in over 20 years. I had a '82 Goldwing before. I could have gone bigger, but at my current age I wanted something lighter and real nimble. I found it in this machine. It's light enough for in town cruising, yet heavy enough for freeway riding. A good mid-weight bike! But unlike my old wing, this ride does produce some vibes from the v-twin. The vibes are most note able through the floorboards, at speeds above 65 MPH. Fortunately though, the vibes do not effect the mirrors, however.

Keeping it clean isn't all that hard either. I thought the white wall tires might be a problem, but I found them very easy to clean. Just spray the white walls with Westley's Blech-Wite tire cleaner (which can be found most anywhere), lightly scrub with an old tooth brush, and then rinse off. Voila, egg shell white! It doesn't get any easier!

For my purposes this machine is great and does what I wanted! I highly recommend it to anyone! Even if I sometimes might not be able to ride it, I can still enjoy just looking at something so beautiful!

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Review Date: 19th September, 2008

23rd Feb 2013, 20:06

I have a 2006 used C50t. It came with throw over saddle bags, which I will be changing to hard mount, a dust cover, windshield, running light bar, two helmets and a battery tender. It had 4,000 miles on it, and had the 800 mile service done, including a valve adjustment.

The bike is immaculate, never used in the rain, and never dumped. I paid $5,750 in June 2011 and now have 8,500 miles on it. Perfect weight for me, love the ride, and also sometimes when I can't ride it, I just look at it and admire it.

I change the oil every 3,500 miles and filter at every other oil change. Although the battery was doing fine, since it was six years old I changed it. Also had second valve adjustment at 7,500 mile. Would like to have a disc brake in rear instead of the drum, a tach and a fuel gauge.

I had rented a Harley Road King, and although it had a little more power, my bike has plenty for me, and is much smoother, especially at idle. I took it to Florida this past January for two weeks, and myself and two brothers had a great time enjoying that beautiful bike weather.

2008 Suzuki Boulevard C50T


One great, fun ride - reasonably priced



General Comments:

This is my first bike in 20 years (I'm 61 years old), and also my first cruiser, having spent my youth on sport bikes.

My apprehension with floor boards, a windshield, saddlebags - anathema to the sport bike - evaporated within 5 miles from the dealership. This is without a doubt a fun, comfortable and darn good looking motorcycle.

While I only have 350 miles on it so far (just picked it up last weekend), as I'm writing this at work, I can't wait to go riding tonight, tomorrow, etc.

Plenty of power, great handling, and that distinctive v-twin rumble make for one great ride. In the new red & white paint scheme, it draws a crowd where ever I stop.

In a nutshell - I love this motorcycle!

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2008

31st Jul 2008, 06:55

Your situation/age/reactions to the Suzuki are exactly as mine... now 61, it has been about 20 years since..., but I just bought the C90T... and like you not many miles yet, but first impressions are strong and totally positive. Was considering a Super Glide... but this C90T offers so much for the money... tons of quality, engineering, design, foot-boards, a front light-bar, bags, windshield... and it's simply thrilling! I say congrats to you, and to all who are going with the big Suzuki's... myself included!