2011 BRP Can-Am Spyder from United States of America


An exciting, different ride


Parking brake cable came off spools. This was repaired under warranty due to it being a factory recall at 4,500 miles.

Throttle body had to be replaced under a factory recall, due to it causing an engine miss, at 4,500 miles.

Left rear saddle bag plastic hinge point broke off for no apparent reason. Seems very flimsy. 5,400 miles.

Road debris hit the rear parking brake spool, causing a cable to jump off of its pulley, making the parking brake inoperative at 7,500 miles. Easily put back on back home.

General Comments:

Machine handles well, but requires a learning curve to get used to it, especially in turns.

Passenger comfort is superb.

However, driver seat comfort is lacking on long rides.

Headlight configuration is superb, however I noticed that some oncoming drivers do not recognize the arrangement of the lights, causing them to pull off the road.

Semi automatic trans makes it quick off the line, and is very helpful on loose gravel, inclines, and wet pavement.

Very smooth quiet ride. Handles road ridge bumps well.

Front shocks are adjustable, with the rear air shock being adjustable on the fly with dash control and visual display.

Ergonomics of dash layout is good, easy to reach and see.

Has built in plugs for iPod's or MP3 players. Also has 12 volt plug in trunk.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2011

2007 BRP Can-Am Spyder from Canada


Very stable and unique



General Comments:

It is an uncomfortable ride for long trips i.e. over 200 miles.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2010

26th Sep 2011, 20:26

I have a 2011 Spyder RT, and don't have too much trouble with it. The only thing is body roll; it has too much when riding two up.

27th Sep 2011, 21:15

Noticed the same on my 2011 RT SE5. The front shocks came from the factory adjusted to the second notch. It is recommended in the maintenance booklet to adjust the front shocks to the 3rd position when riding two up. Front suspension deflection in turns is greatly reduced when the front shocks are adjusted to the stiffest position. With a little practice, any Can Am Spyder driver can really dive into the turns. Just don't scare your passenger too much.