2011 Suzuki Boulevard S40 from United States of America


Damn fine machine to meander about on a fine sunny afternoon



General Comments:

Lovely little roadster, which brings back memories of my youth, exploring twisty country roads to the steady thump of a well tuned big single.

Rock solid and reliable, and the perfect size for the old fat guy such as myself who is arthritic and slow, but wants to remember how I felt 50 years ago.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2015

11th Feb 2015, 15:54


I like your honest review of the S40. Had '85 4 cylinder Goldwing Interstate I gave to my LAPD motor cop nephew when I moved to Linden, NC.

I am old and fat too... 76 years. Cannot handle heavy MC's anymore. Decided on a used S40. My 50cc scooter, 30mph, getting too dangerous on state highways with trucks exceeding 55 mph limit... even though I ride on Rightside White line on two lane highways. I've been caught in rain on Hwy 401 (Ramsey St) in Fayetteville, NC... wet OK, but scary... could not see well.

That is the reason for bike that can cruise 65mph all day, 80 MPG?

Have you heard of camchain tensioner issues?


2011 Suzuki Boulevard S40 from United States of America


The S40/LS 650/Savage does what it is designed to do very well



General Comments:

After more than 25 years without riding a bike, I purchased a new 2011 S40 on 8-21-12 (one year ago). I got it on clearance for $3,999.00.


My first ride thought was that this bike needs a 6th gear. Even the spacing between 4th and 5th was inadequate.

Another surprise was how much I got blown around at speeds over 50 mph. I bought a flyscreen, but it's not enough. I will be getting a larger windshield next spring. The bike is so light (352 lbs) - so I'm hoping that the shield will make highway riding comfortable.

Actually, my first thought was regarding backfires. The S40 is set up from the factory way too lean. I decreased the backfiring by removing the brass plug (on the carburetor) and opening up the mixture screw. This also increased engine speed and throttle response.

Short term note: this engine needs proper levels of ZDDP in the oil - or damage will occur.

Long term note: this engine has a cam chain adjuster that needs monitoring - or damage will occur.


#1 - the price, although it's up to $5699.00 now.

Handling: light weight does have some advantages. Great for getting around town and the outskirts of town. I enjoy the back roads with 35-50 mph postings.

Insurance is cheap, due mainly to low output (31 hp / 37 lb-ft).

Overall, I love the bike. It does what it was designed to do. I got a great deal - wait for one.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2013

2006 Suzuki Boulevard S40 from Japan


It is a great city bike, comfortable and easy to handle


Inside the case, the small lever that depresses the clutch rod fractured and split into 2 pieces. I torch welded them back together. It is still working now for 2 months.

Three times this bike has developed a terrible screeching engine noise soon after leaving for a ride. I believe it is from letting the bike warm up too long while on the side stand, causing it to suffer from oil starvation. From now on, I will let it run in the upright position, or only momentarily on the side stand, while I go get something.

General Comments:

I call it a KISS bike... keep it simple stupid! Great 6 gear bike. Easy to check valve clearances. Easy to jack up and change the rear tire to fix a flat.

Good acceleration for around town. It pulls wheelies without any hesitation.

I would like it geared a little higher for highway travel. It is a toss up as to whether to stay in 4th at 40 mph or bump up to 5th. If geared higher, it could stay in 4th to 50 mph around town, and then 5th for the highway.

I plan on installing a megaphone in the near future; it is too quiet.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2012

14th May 2012, 18:38

Are you sure you are riding a Boulevard S40? I have one, and it is only a 5 speed, and I'm not quite sure if it can pull wheelies. Maybe I'm missing something here?

5th Jun 2017, 23:02

I was mad at a stoplight that didn't detect my S40, and accidentally popped a 1-foot wheelie at the next light. Lesson: it will wheelie if you crank and dump!

8th May 2018, 22:40

Hard acceleration from a standing stop in first gear will give you some really nice off the line controlled front wheel lift - not the same as a prolonged ride on one wheel, but still very cool.