2014 Suzuki Boulevard S40 from United States of America


Fantastic, fun, little all around town bike!


Not a thing.

General Comments:

My eyes were opened up to the sport of motorcycling in May of 2012 by my neighbor. Every time you turn around, he was bringing home a different bike. I really had no interest in the sport other than ooohing & ahhhing at whatever he drove up on. Being involved in a 2 wheel vs 4 wheel incident when I was a teenager, almost terrified of me being on the back of a bike as the driver would ultimately try to scare me, thinking it was funny. But one day, Dave shows up & tells me he bought a Yamaha Jog scooter for $250. I said, "I want it!" & I was hooked! He threw in a helmet, taught me how to ride & away I went! I had a buddy who lived right next door, that could handle most anything mechanically that came along.

Well weeks turned into months & I loved being on 2 wheel more than 4. But then I was itching to get something bigger, something faster, something stronger. So I sold the Jog for twice what I paid. Then with Dave's help, I landed a 1991 Honda Twinstar 200cc motorcycle. It was a new experience, clutching, shifting, going faster... All things I never felt I had the talent to accomplish. But there again, there was my buddy Dave, teaching me in the parking lot of Home Depot how to do all that, & within minutes I felt I had it down & was out on the road. Road, not freeway, as this bike could hit 56 top end with a tail wind & a cop chasing after me. A wonderful bike to learn the basics & take my test. I hated to trade it in...

Once again, weeks turned into months & I decided to step up to something bigger, faster, stronger... so I purchased a 2014 Suzuki S40 Boulevard. A wonderful bike! 650cc. I can plant my feet firmly on the ground when sitting at a light. A person that has never worked out a day in their life can pick it up out of sheer rage & frustration when it is dumped. So that's a nice feature. Nice & shiny, fast as all get out. When I am at a stop light (at the front of the line as I love lane sharing), as soon as the light changes, I am 1/2 a block down the street, as the 4 wheel folks are just crossing the intersection.

Not having a visible gas gauge other than looking in the tank, has led to the bike running out of gas 3 times since I purchased it. I really need to learn to locate the reserve fuel valve while driving. Gets very good gas mileage compared to my car. Fun to ride at 45 - 50 mph & OK at 75, but it does seem to put a strain on the 1 cylinder engine. Getting ready for my 4,000 mile check up & hope they can figure out a couple of things... it does seem to jerk a bit engine-wise when in 3rd gear doing about 25-30, & it whines & cries when sitting in the parking lot. I get on it in the morning & I hear this distinctive whine coming out of the gas tank. I am used to it, but it is really irritating at times. It's like I brought a kid with me.

I gave this bike mostly all 8s as I don't have much experience to rank it any higher or lower. I am really glad I bought this bike. It is great for all around town on surface streets for sure, but not for long hauls. That is why I am looking at an 86 Kawasaki Contours. 2 bikes are better than 1. I recently test drove a new Harley Street Bob & was not impressed. By the time I got up to 65, I thought I was going 85. At a light, it just vibrated like crazy. Then I cam back & test drove a V-Rod. Very nice bike! I would consider trading bike for bike for my Suzuki.

If you are looking for a great looking, real easy to handle fun like bike, I recommend the Suzuki, but ride the M50 first before you buy the S40.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2015

15th Jul 2015, 01:26

Did they ever figure out what was causing the jerking at 25-30mph? My bike does the exact same thing at the exact same speeds, but mine is a 2012.

11th Aug 2015, 00:05

I am having similar difficulty. I'd had it a year before it started to seemingly at random start hesitating when on the highway, and starts to slow down all on its own. I shift down and then it quits. I am left gliding onto the side of the road. Took it in to the shop, they had it 16 days, didn't happen once. They checked everything, but after having it back, 5 rides later, it is back. Any ideas?

26th Aug 2015, 01:24

It sounds like your vacuum petcock has failed. Very easy fix (and cheap too). Check out Suzuki Savage dot com. Those fellows know more about the S40 than Suzuki does.

6th Dec 2015, 20:29

I am 70 years old. I took the S40 570 miles this weekend. I love this bike.

2015 stock. Does it backfire now and then? YEP, just like the old one lungers.

6th Sep 2017, 18:05

I had that problem with my Yamaha 750 Special. Turns out it was a hole (split) in a fuel line that only spouted when the RPMs were up and I was going faster than 50mph. Any thing below that was fine. Changed the lines and it was fine.

2011 Suzuki Boulevard S40 from United States of America


Damn fine machine to meander about on a fine sunny afternoon



General Comments:

Lovely little roadster, which brings back memories of my youth, exploring twisty country roads to the steady thump of a well tuned big single.

Rock solid and reliable, and the perfect size for the old fat guy such as myself who is arthritic and slow, but wants to remember how I felt 50 years ago.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2015

11th Feb 2015, 15:54


I like your honest review of the S40. Had '85 4 cylinder Goldwing Interstate I gave to my LAPD motor cop nephew when I moved to Linden, NC.

I am old and fat too... 76 years. Cannot handle heavy MC's anymore. Decided on a used S40. My 50cc scooter, 30mph, getting too dangerous on state highways with trucks exceeding 55 mph limit... even though I ride on Rightside White line on two lane highways. I've been caught in rain on Hwy 401 (Ramsey St) in Fayetteville, NC... wet OK, but scary... could not see well.

That is the reason for bike that can cruise 65mph all day, 80 MPG?

Have you heard of camchain tensioner issues?