2006 Suzuki GZ250 from United States of America


Perfect economy & performance - best commuter available


Seat cushion button tear in the vinyl.

General Comments:

This class of motorcycle is always presented at the dealerships as "not enough bike". The sales people say this, but that is false.

This bike gets the best fuel economy of any bike I know about, while being able to carry 2 people on the highways at 65-70 mph. It gets 75 mpg when I only ride it, and,62 mpg with me and my wife on it (250 lbs for me, 145 lbs my wife).

Compared to other 250 cc bikes, it is king. It has the largest saddle for both riders, and beefiest tires of all comparable 250's. I have rode the 250 class bikes many times, and found always I would put on crazy accessories to make the bike look/feel larger than it was. This bike has the girth of a larger bike stock. It gets mistaken for much larger class cc bikes when people ask me about it.

The acceleration is good as well. It never leaves me wishing for more motor, and I have owned many big cc bikes before.

Reliability is good, maintenance cost is near nothing compared to other bikes I've had. It's commuter heaven.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2006

21st Apr 2008, 17:27

I am buying the 2008 model on Friday, and I found your review to be very uplifting. As you said, the dealer kept saying how it is NOT ENOUGH BIKE. But I wanted cheap insurance and cheap payments. This seems to be the way to go for something I will only be using for FUN.

Thanks for your words!

8th Apr 2010, 13:39

I agree, having owned 500cc-1200cc, I still love certain 250cc bikes.

I have ridden the Suzuki GZ250 and was very impressed. I have never been a huge Suzuki fan, however they seem to have improved a lot in the last 10 years.

Also check out the Suzuki TU250, which is the same except it has a much more classic look. I would love to make a TU250 into an ole school cafe racer. The GZ250 has a more modern look, which is also nice.

6th Feb 2018, 04:17

This is an update from the OP:

With 15,000 miles on the ODO, I sold her for $1500.00. This was back in 2010. I've gone through several bikes since then; Ninja 250 (60 MPG), Honda PC-800 (47 MPG), ZX11D (30 MPG), ZX12R (33 MPG), Piaggio MP3 400 (47 MPG), Vulcan 500 (42 MPG), GL500 (42 MPG), GL1100 (25 MPG). My daughter bought a PCX-150 which got 73 MPG. I needed similar mileage due to my commute and I picked up a showroom condition 2000 GZ250 with 2,200 miles for $840.00. My first tank gave me 61 MPG on route with a monster of a hill that normally kills fuel economy. This bike does it all for me. Comfortable riding position on my knees, good easy riding bike. I love the GZ250.