1978 Yamaha XS1100 from United States of America


A great dependable bike that has withstood the test of time


Little oil burning due to leakage past valve guides.

Really need to squeeze the hell out of the front brakes to get a response... you won't lock these up on a dime.

General Comments:

Okay, we are talking about a bike that is 30 years old this year. She is slow in comparison to a 2008, but she has withstood the test of time.

Yeah I get razzed from time to time about her age but I always reply: when your bike composed of rubber, plastic, and aluminum alloy is around in 30 years, and runs as good as this does, only then do you earn the right to brag :)

I got this bike with the factory installed fiberglass saddlebags. She also has the rear luggage rack with an upright back seat rest that is very comfortable for the passenger.

She is very responsive on the throttle and with the 4 cylinder, shaft drive, a very smooth ride.

She is the perfect bike for leisurely touring; just sit back and watch the scenery flow by.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2008

30th Nov 2008, 18:38

I bought my 1st 1978 bike for next to nothing. Was completely disassembled.

Needed cylinders honed, new piston rings, new valve oil seals, valves ground and re-shimmed, 2nd gear replaced... I could go on.

Once it was complete, the bike needed little else than the regular oil/filter changes. I did about 30kkm with not paying much attention to the bike other than consumables.

Learned later that one of previous owners tried to destroy the engine.. on purpose. And failed. :)

Got another one (1979 standard) for parts, but it was too pretty for a parts bike. Got that one running as well, it's running like a champ. Nothing else than regular maintenance.

These bikes are made of churches and old cast iron cannons and old warships. They are heavy to push around, but once you get it going, its massive (heavy) wheels make it feel like you're riding a moped.

Shaft drive is more refined than new BMWs. Really.

Bike is more fun to ride than most other inline 4s.

Fantastic value for money! I wouldn't be getting another one tho. My family would murder me if I brought home a 3rd :)