1983 Honda CB1100F Super Bol d`Or


A superbly mannered and accomplished freight train


0, zilch, nit, nothing.

General Comments:

This bike is a prime example of how well the 80's superbikes were manufactured. My bike was stripped to the frame and restored, the motor rebuilt with a top end performance & carb kit. The bike is an absolute joy to ride and still very quick by today's standards.

The bike has custom paint (non standard) and a small "stone" bikini fairing has been added. It just looks stunning in black with heaps of polished alloy.

I cannot fault this bike in any area, even knowing it is 25 years old! Thank you Mr. Honda.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2008

17th Jun 2010, 16:58

My experience exactly. Mine has done 80,000, and is strong, reliable, quick and easy starting. I also have an 81 model CB900F over 100,000, which is similarly strong and reliable. We all thank you Mr HONDA.