2008 Honda CB900F Hornet


Fine bike for the riding position


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

I picked up the new CB900 Hornet, and with a friend, went round some bits near Newcastle and back again. We did 137k of traffic, highway, twisties and suburbs.

I found the Honda to be a flattering bike to ride with very good (almost scary) turn in and balance, and the brakes are near perfect for town and the twisty bits as well.

I'm no demon rider, and have never been round a track, but don't mind a corner either.

It made me feel like I could corner that bit harder if I wanted to. It was a very narrow feel to the knees, more like a smaller bike; it's even quiet like one. But just one poke......

Having said that, I have just jumped off a

1995 YZF600Rg, which in February did good duty down round Tasmania touring trouble free, solo. I found the riding position to be a bit awkward after an hour or three of highway.

The CB is definitely the sweetest all round thing

I have ridden to date for traffic, highway (naked), suburbs, twisties, and wish I had bought one before.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2008

7th Dec 2008, 18:29

Agreed. It's the perfect city/cruising bike and makes a damn fine tourer, despite zero storage and fairings, who cares? I did 400k in one afternoon and after a short rest wanted to keep riding through the night (but resisted temptation).

9th Dec 2008, 15:38

I am looking at buying one of these bikes (used, 2007, 4k miles, 5999.00 USD, North Carolina) - looks exactly like what I am wanting. Stepping up from a 2008 Ninja 250R that I bought for my wife (and she decided she did not want to ride after all) - I have been stuck riding the little 250 since March 2008 - I weigh 255 Lbs. - NOT COOL.

Any quirks to be concerned with these bikes? Faulty wiring, weak transmission, etc...?

The bikes are great looking and they feel very well balanced.

2006 Honda CB900F Hornet


Simply Superb


Nothing as yet.

I've owned quite a few Honda motorcycles and cars, and they rarely give any problems.

General Comments:

This bike has been a revelation, my last roadie was a CB1300 which went hard, but was a bit slow/sluggish in the cornering department.

My Honda CB900F is my 37th bike, and amongst that number is a 'busa, a ZX12R, GSX750R and a Suzi'TL1000. I traded the TL in on the CB1300 in September 2005. I have plenty of photos to support my ownership of these bikes, in fact I've got hundreds! The XR650R was an attempt to ride hard, but off-road, unfortunately my trails have been recently fenced off, plus I missed the road bikes.

The Hornet as it's known in 'Oz has been fitted with Staintune pipes, which has given it a more aggressive note and made it go harder.

My wife loves it, it's a nice colour and seems civil after the ZX12R! Importantly she will hop on the bike, it's that comfortable.

I'm enjoying road riding again. The bike has enough go to mono up my driveway, and despite the fact that it isn't run in yet, it has almost reached the speeds that my faster road bikes have on my favourite bit of road west of Newcastle (not top speeds, this section is pretty twisty). It flies, I love it and I'm hoping it may be the long awaited 'keeper' that we all lament after we sell them.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2007

2004 Honda CB900F Hornet


Fast and responsive, easy to ride, very comfortable and beautifully built


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

The bike is well built, rides beautifully and is very comfortable.

The torque range in the 're-mapped' Fireblade' 919cc engine is perfect for this style of bike, allows easy commuting with few gear changes required, and great open road performance with smooth acceleration and plenty of power right through the rev range.

I haven't had this bike for long and it is still running in, but I am very, very happy with it, and would recommend it to any serious motorcylist who wants a beautifully built and comfortable bike for a great price. You get far, far more for your money with this bike than many other manufacturers give you.

The late 2004, 2005 series have a fully adjustable front suspension, something earlier models lacked, and that means you can set up the bike for most riders and riding conditions - that was the only deficiency with earlier models, now fixed.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2005

4th Oct 2006, 16:13

I've had my 919, for little over a year and it is the ultimate ride. I ride this thing everyday it's not raining to work in Manhattan. All year I ride. Freeze the 20 minutes to work - it's okay.

I'm coming up on 8000 miles and nothing needs fixing. I change the oil and feed it gas, and it keeps going strong. In winter it starts right up.

I took the dual exhaust off and put a single hollow 4 inch barrel on, and it's the loudest street bike I've ever heard. The bike owns the road everyday in the city, zig zagging through traffic and on the highway screaming past those dragging 4 wheelers.

I love my bike because of its universal style that can appeal to anybody. It's a rare metallic green. No plastic, just metal hanging out with a big cruising headlight. Comes with the performance and speed of a race bike and the comfort and attitude of a cruiser.

Here in New York, the naked bike isn't that popular, but for me, it's all I could ever ask for from a motorcycle.