1998 Honda VFR800FI


Terrific all-round every-day motorcycle with a peerless engine


Regulator rectifier failed twice. Replaced once under warranty and again at 60,000km. Caused several blown headlight and instrument lighting bulbs, and a cooked battery. Replaced with a custom after-market unit with great success.

At 80,000km, major engine overheating sourced to a bit of plastic swarf inside the cooling system that jammed the thermostat. A real pain that a manufacturing fault took so long to surface, but in the end, it was a simple cure.

Clutch slips a bit under heavy load when cold, but after 100,000km that's not bad!

Rear shock damping adjuster screw has a known fault and has broken, preventing adjustment. It is stuck on the softest setting. Repair/replacement cost is significant.

General Comments:

Engine made in heaven. Nothing stirs the soul like this glorious gear-driven-cam V4.

EFI performs flawlessly and gives fantastic mileage on high octane (95+) fuel.

Handling is stable and forgiving, stays glued to the road, though it is a little slow in the really tight stuff.

Linked brakes give great stopping power in all conditions. Too much rear bias on the front brakes for my liking, and it overcooks the rear disc under heavy use (ie: track day or heavy sports riding)

Comfortable seating position for touring or sports riding. Pillion seat is great too.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 1st September, 2005