1989 Kawasaki GPX600R


The best bike for me!


Nothing significant has gone wrong with this bike really. I have had the bike for 20 years and have only had to change the igniter box, brake lever sender unit and the rear brake torsion arm. Aside from the usual things such as tyres, chain, sprockets, oils and filters and the odd battery nothing has broken! It has been bullet-proof and ultra-reliable - it starts every time without a worry.

If I can pick one fault, it's that the front tyre does seem to wear a bit quicker than the rear and develops a scalloped pattern along the outer edge of the tyre. If let go for an extended period it can get to the point whereby it creates front end shudder, particularly under deceleration. Aside from that, it's been outstanding!

General Comments:

It is a very moderate bike, particularly when compared to today's wizardry.

Acceleration is not mind blowing, but more than enough for me to get my thrills.

Cornering is good, but a bit heavy on the arms at times.

Rear brake is OK, but the front brake is outstanding (got me outta trouble a couple of times).

The seat height is good for a shorter person like me (168cm), and the sitting position is comfortable for both rider and pillion.

Gauges are easy to read and well set out.

I still love the look of the bike (all black with silver trim), but it does look dated against newer bikes (obviously).

Many times I have considered trading the GPX in on a new faster machine, but I just can't part with it. It cost me $6200 in '89, is worth about $1500 now, and would cost me about $15000 to upgrade. 70,000km and the engine still sounds like new. Why would I?

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 1st May, 2010