2004 Kawasaki Z750


Cheap straightforward fun bike


I have had no problems as of yet with the Z750, it's still a new bike.

General Comments:

The Z 750 fuel injection and throttle response is very smooth and linear below 6000 revs. Above 6000 revs the bike has a few vibes. Above 8000 revs you have pressed the go button and can this thing move when pressed.

Great bike in the city, can cut through traffic easily.

For the price, the bike has great handling, very neutral and safe feeling.

The screen is effective at legal speed limits. Up the pace and things get quite breezy.

I reckon the brakes can do with a bit of work, a little second rate.

Great fun on ride days. If you've got the guts, it can handle it with the best, and can surprise a few.

Pegs can be a bit low for track days.

Not the most comfortable long-distance machine, forget about pillions, and if you have a wife or friend, don't take them with you, you will end up separated.

Good all-rounder.

Found the suspension average for my weight, so I have had it reworked for my riding style and me.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 8th April, 2005