2005 Royal Enfield Bullet Deluxe


Classic road bike, tough and fun!


500cc 5 Speed Electric Start model.

The tail light fell off, it is only held on by one bolt. I loctited it on and it never worked loose again.

The headlight fell out (see above).

The throttle cable broke twice (fixed by distributor as a recall).

The crankcase breather blocked up and pumped out all the oil. Very common problem on models 2005 onwards. Fixed by fitting a different type of breather.

The (aftermarket) Amal carby seized the slide in the bore. Had it resleeved in stainless, works very well now.

Battery died. Replaced with sealed unit.

General Comments:

These bikes are a living classic. They are still virtually the same as 1955!

I modified my example with performance cams, cylinder head mods, exhaust and ignition.

Bike was 22hp, now is 40hp. Gets up to 100mph on the freeway, however, it is not the most comfortable at that speed.

The bike handles quite well, given the age of the design. Time spent on tyre pressures is well rewarded.

Parts are ridiculously cheap, and maintenance is simple.

These bikes are a true riders machine. They do require regular attention to tappet settings and frequent oil level checks. A competent home mechanic will be able to perform all of the tasks.

People love to look at the bike and comment on the style.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2006

24th Jun 2006, 03:44

I think my 1990 "350 Bullet" is a good and very fashionable bike. Maintenance is very easy, so I replaced all gaskets and rocker covers, head and cylinders to eliminate some oil leakages. After 69.000 km, a little spring in the foot gear control was broken out, and I replaced it in less than a hour. Replacing the kick-starter pawl was a little bit difficult, but not so much. That's all. Regular oil checks, bolts and screw torques, spark plug... the usual things, and you can ride happily!

By the way: How much oil have I to put into the gearbox? After about 400ml it flows out of the check hole. Is it sufficient?

Another thing: the air filter in the rectangular box has to be oiled?

Good Ride!