2012 Suzuki GS500F


Overall a great solid and reliable bike


Trip odometer dial appears to be made of cheap quality plastic, and came apart within about 1 month of purchase. Easy to fix with super glue however, and had no problems since. See it as a very minor issue only.

Dials, tacho and speedo, are both analogue, and look a little dated, but again it's a minor thing only.

At times it does feel almost softish under brakes when really pushed (only an observation).

The GS500F could do with a fuel gauge; this would be my only real constructive feedback.

General Comments:

A good solid bike overall.

Performance wise, not an outright performance bike by any means, but does deliver solid acceleration and is certainly able to do highway speeds (100 - 110klms) quite adequately.

Two up, it's still quite a comfortable ride overall.

Very economical in terms of mileage; can get 330klms+ quite easily on a full tank. Have managed 360klms couple of times, and still had a small amount left in the tank, which continues to astound other riders on bigger bikes.

Like the exhaust pipe, which is factory fitted. It looks good and suits the bike.

Servicing; only had 2 minor services carried out, and both have been quite cheap, so no complaints at all.

Through the twisty stuff, it is a solid performer and is definitely a lot of fun. Can keep up with bigger bikes in the tight stuff.

Overall a really good bike, and would recommend it to anyone. Great commuter and great bike to have fun on on the weekends too.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 13th February, 2013