2005 Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit


Great bike - simple, reliable and bulletproof


Have completed 10000 klms in 14 days on this bike - crossed the Nullarbor twice, and only issue was the flatspotting of the rear tyre due to the excessive distance traveled on straight roads.

General Comments:

I decided on purchasing the Bandit 1200 four touring after reading many reviews on sports/tourer motorcycles. I wanted to get away from water cooled engines, and back to basic suspension etc for ease of repair and service if needed while traveling in remote and often hot/harsh conditions.

I crossed Australia from Brisbane to Perth and back again (10000 klms in 14 days) without any breakdowns or issues on a 205 model starting with 80000 klms on the clock. The bike never missed a beat mechanically, and I got around 280 to 300 klms a tank fully loaded.

Seat comfort can be an issue on long distance rides like this.

I fully recommend the reliability of the bike, and the engine is just simply bulletproof and pulls like nothing I have ever ridden in 25 years of riding.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2010

2001 Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit


Great sports tourer with a sporting edge if required


The speedo wire was pinched by the fairing, causing the speedo to read low.

That is the only problem I have had in 3 years, 5 months of ownership.

General Comments:

I have modified suspension front and rear to suit my weight, 120KG. Race tech springs and gold valving. Handles exceptionally well.

Sufficent urge to keep the boys on the sports bikes honest. Yoshi muffler & K & N air cleaner have sharpened acceleration. 115 HP at the rear wheel.

Engine has been totally oil tight, not a weep anywhere. Uses less than half litre of Motul 5100 semi-sythetic oil every 6,000 kilometres.

Brakes were superb when purchased, but fitting Goodridge Braided lines has made them even better.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2005

2002 Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit


A good price and a great all-round motorcycle that fills the bill perfectly


1.The original handling was excellent on the bike, but deteriorated severely as the front tyre went 'off' at around 7000Km. The original (M...n) has now been replaced with a Pirelli and the bike corners on rails. Prior to this it was very hard work holding the bike into a corner, and when riding in a straight line it was impossible to take your hands off the handlebars without massive tank-slappers.

2.From new the bike felt slightly vague until race-foam was fitted inside the petrol tank. Being a flat bottomed tank there was a lot of fuel surge and the foam improved the feel of the bike hugely.

General Comments:

This is bike number 18 and it is one of the best bikes I've owned. Unlimited torque, solid handling and sweet manners for a big bike. Just does everything near perfect.

I rode the bike North on a 4000 Km round trip in Western Australia and overtaking 3 trailer road-trains was a breeze. The only downside was having to keep it under 80Kms/hr during the hottest part of the day (January, 65deg.C road temperature) when the rear tyre rubber would ball up creating a flat spot.

Mechanically the bike is great and the engine response is always reliable, and the carbies and electrics faithfully provide the goods when needed... rain, hail or shine.

The front brakes are excellent, although you can't stand this thing on its ear like a ZX9R I had once.

Go get one.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2004

30th Nov 2004, 15:20

I had a Bandit 1200 as well and totally agree with you on the handling - as soon as I hit 8000 kms the bike handled awful - new tires fix it.

Get a slip on exhaust and jet kit, amazing difference. I dynoed both set ups and gained 15 HP, and the bike was transformed. I used a Kerker can. Amazing wheelies.

Suzuki build quality is brutal on a budget bike - the clearcoat was amazingly weak, scratches easily.