2007 Suzuki V-Strom DL650


An honest, reliable commuter and tourer that is often, sadly, underrated


Very fine coolant leak from radiator/hose join at high speed. Not uncommon, apparently; simply needs re-tightening. This cured it.

Other than that, no faults or defects.

General Comments:

Extremely pleasant all-rounder with surprisingly good handling.

Power is more than adequate to the bike's purpose and design... even two-up with panniers and top box loaded.

Ergonomics I find particularly good; especially bars/pegs/backside triangle. Unlike others, I don't find the seat any worse than most. The position saves a lot of weight being dropped onto my wrists, which is a blessing.

I added a bashplate, taller screen, engine guards and headlight protector. The bike was then taken across the Nullarbor from Perth to Melbourne and shipped to Tasmania for a fortnight's touring, before riding back. It performed flawlessly.

If I have a criticism, it's just that the bike (and exhaust note) lack a little... "character" -- it just gets up and does things; no fuss, no protest. Gotta love that.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2010

27th May 2014, 16:05

Hi. My email is: bwardley@telus.net. I have the answer to your 'exhaust note' problem. It costs nothing but an hour's labour and gets you a bit more power. Drop me an email and I'll dig out the details. Cheers, Bob.