1995 Yamaha FZR1000


Superb bike, and hugely underrated


Front fork seals leaked after being left not ridden for one year.

Battery changed twice. Although the last battery prematurely failed due to a faulty charger overcharging it. Still not bad for 15 years.

Clutch seal leaks if left unused for any long period of time.

EXUP valve seized, required removal and grease to fix. Use only good quality high temp copper based grease.

General Comments:

Very fast bike.

I owned the 91 EXUP and traded it in for a new 95 model.

The 91 model went harder, but was more peaky and was modified. The 95 had smooth almost linear acceleration through the rev range. Linear, but it really pulls like a train. Watch out in the wet or if you have harder compound tires.

Easy to power slide out of corners, but stable in doing so.

Brakes tend to go from oh wow to nothing special after a year or so, as opposed to brake fade.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 24th December, 2010