1982 Yamaha Maxim 650


Incredible for a 30 year old machine


Stored for many years with a part tank of fuel, the fuel dried up and clogged the carbs badly. That's a storage issue, not a bike problem.

Seat had cracked up badly (30 years+ = OK).

Paintwork was poor on one side (see stored!).

Front fork seals cracked and leaking (lack of use).

Exhaust rusted out, patched over OK.

Rear shocks were about stuffed and replaced with quality after market shocks... sweeeeet.

General Comments:

This is "Big Daves" Maxim, and might be the only Maxim 650 to make it to Australia??

It's now on club rego in the State of Victoria as it's over 30 years old, so much cheaper registration!

The workshop who cleaned the carbs set it WAY lean, so it was almost impossible to start without Aerostart, and it died out at any idle below 2000 RPM. Once the carbs were set and balanced correctly, it now idles like a gem. I'll call that a workshop oversight?

I have cobbled up some highway pegs on the engine bars to give some degree of leg room, but am seriously considering proper forward controls.

I think the bike would benefit from a better shaped seat, but it's OK for an hour or so cruising between breaks.

I'm amazed at how readily obtainable the parts are on eBay.

Overall, for its age... oh man, this is a sweet ride, and that's coming from a big bloke who normally rides a Harley Bagger.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2014