1995 Yamaha XT600


The best all round commuter/weekender on the market


Some of the wheel spokes have surface rust.

The carburettors have a small gauze filter that became clogged. The filter is not shown in the manual, and it not visible in a basic strip down. The bike would starve for fuel after approx 3 minutes of running. After about 15 minutes it would run again! Eventually I realised that just enough fuel was leaking past to fill the bowls up again. Found the problem after the third carburettor strip-down. Removed the gauze filters and put in an in-line filter instead. No more problems.

The plastics are not very durable and are easily cracked.

General Comments:

A top commuter bike, nimble and plenty of low down torque.

A bit tiring on long trips at 100kph due to the upright seating position and the lack of a fairing.

Tank and footpeg vibration are tiring on long trips.

Road tyres make this bike a seriously good handler, considering the road/trail design of the bike.

The reserve tank is poor. You have to be very close to a service station, as it is only good for a few minutes riding.

The ignition (key) is between the instruments and is difficult to access.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 24th November, 2004