1995 BMW R 1100 GS


TOO heavy, too expensive, too cliched


This review is going to be a little different than most on the BMW R1100 GS. I bought this bike when it was already 10-years old and it had 52000 miles on the road. However, it was owned by the dealer and always serviced.

The bike is panzer; herein lie the virtues and the problems:

Left side tensioner.

Plugs, and plugs and plugs.

Front brake pads and rotors.

Starter, a really crappy french made Remi. The magnets in the stator are glued very poorly to the body of the starter, and they come off, break when the rotor is spinning and destroy all the assembly. Real third world cheap skate.

Many rear tires.

Transmission will give up sooner or later. Clutch gave up at the end of honorable service.

Always synthetic oil and new filters, always maintained as per schedule and more.

The original seat is uncomfortable; that is easily remedied with a redo or an aftermarket.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2013

31st May 2020, 00:03

My 1998 R 1100 GS is lighter than my 2014 F800GSA and my 2017 Africa Twin DCT. To me, the R 1100 is more fun as an all rounder.