2003 Buell Blast


The worst of the worst


The left flasher indicator failed (burned bulb probably).

the front of the frame, was rusted badly.

General Comments:

I only drove this motorcycle one hour, as I rented it to do the test to get my license.

This motorcycle vibrates so much, it's almost unreal. Hey, I've got an XL600R 1982, 600cc single, and it doesn't even come near to how much vibration you get with that bike, it's ridiculous. I'm used to dirt bikes (got a CR250), and this thing vibrates like nothing I've seen.

The transmission is very clunky. The gears are not well related one to each other. First gear is very low, and second is very high, meaning you cannot make small turn (like a corner) in second.

The engine doesn't have enough torque for the revolution. If you downshift to first, even rev matching almost locks the rear wheel.

Getting the bike to move in first will either get you to spin the rear wheel, or the engine will die.

That's about it. The evaluator agreed that this bike was one of the worst things ever.

Sorry for my English; I'd rather speak french.

Anyway, don't buy or rent this motorcycle; it could be a big mistake.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 17th August, 2010

9th Aug 2011, 22:02

Your English is fine. Thank you for the helpful review.

21st Dec 2012, 22:31

I agree. This motorcycle is horrible. I owned one for two months and had nothing but problems.