1999 Ducati ST2


Well earned solid reputation


Needed a new battery at time of purchase. Even with that new battery, the starter still turned over frighteningly slowly, so I replaced the grounding and starter cables with a set from Powerlet, and it made such a great improvement! Thanks Ducati Forums!

The first owner had installed an on/off switch for the headlight, which is a sign of a charging issue, so he must have finally replaced the regulator, because by the time I bought it, that switch was no longer hooked up and the charging has been solid.

I noticed that if you try to soften the rear suspension, the side stand becomes a bit too long, making the bike prone to tipping over.

General Comments:

I bought this used bike, praying it wouldn't be a lemon. And fortunately it's been a gem. I did ensure that the bike had service records, which most Ducati owners keep well organized.

Everything about riding and owning this bike has been a pleasure.

The price of belts and filters from the dealer are surprisingly reasonable for this engine generation, and with the YouTube tutorials online, there's no reason to pay anyone for valve adjustment or belt replacements.

I ordered a shorter windscreen for $20 off eBay, which I find reduces helmet buffeting.

Not much else to say; it's an Italian beauty that has a growing fan club for all the right reasons.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 13th January, 2014