2009 Honda CBR600RR


Top of its class


The oil level did go down in the initial break-in period (from the full level in the oil sight glass to about mid point). But now it hasn't gone down a drop. It's just all the internal components of the engine seating in properly. But just to be safe, keep an eye on the oil level when you buy a new one.

I have done the oil with Honda GN4 oil at 1000kms and 3000kms. I will put in Motul full synthetic at 5000kms. Then change every 5000kms.

I also tightened the chain at 1000kms. Do this since it's a new chain. Then tighten at the intervals suggested by the manufacturer (if needed).

Check your tire pressures weekly / bi-weekly. If my tires are down even a couple of psi, I can notice it, and it does make a difference. I do 40psi rear and 35psi front.

General Comments:

I couldn't wait to get past the engine break-in point of this bike. Once I did... sweet Jeeezus! I can't tell you how painful it is to ride a bike like this slow (below 9000 RPM) for the first 500kms.

For 2009 the CBR600RR got revised mid range power delivery, so it's a little more forgiving if you are not in the right gear when accelerating out of a corner. But once you hit 11,000RPM, the bike really takes off.

The handling is amazing. And it should be since it's the lightest 600cc sport bike on the market today (410 lbs wet). Transitioning from one corner to the next is effortless. I did have to adjust the front suspension tough. The front and rear suspension are fully adjustable. This bike is twice the bike of my F4I.

The stock tires are OK. I will be buying some more aggressive tires when these die at around 8000kms.

The brakes are outstanding. Complete control and confidence. This is the non ABS version. Again, way better then my F4I.

Now you might think that this bike would be uncomfortable, but you would be wrong. This bike is really comfortable for a sport bike, probably just as comfortable as my F4I. I am 5'-8" and 155 lbs. The bike fits me like a glove. My feet are squarely planted on the ground. The seat is soft, not like a piece of cardboard like on some other sport bikes. So it's good on long trips.

There is no point talking about the top speed and acceleration. It's a sport bike.

If you want a reliable, worry free, easily fickable, comfortable 600cc sport bike... get the Honda CBR600RR.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2010

2005 Honda CBR600RR


Best 600 Honda has made to date


Bought new in 2006 February as a clearance model so to speak. Saved big $$$ on getting an 05 vs 06. Nothing has gone wrong with it, really don't expect it to break down anytime soon. Honda has fixed the famous cam chain faliure's on this model line finally (1989-1997).

Minor complaints include, vibration noise in tank cover (plastic on the RR series) between it and either the metal tank underneath or air-box. Dealer fixed on first service.

Minor fuel injection glitch around 4000 rpm while cruising.

While breaking it in, sometimes would smell gas vapours after coming to a stop. Seems to have gone away.

General Comments:

For a 600cc bike, it goes more like a 750cc bike. Although it lacks the torque, it does have a bunch of power for its size. Around 123 or so according to the dealer.

Handling is excellent and the braking is phenomenal. The suspension is fully adjustable both front and rear, and the OEM tires are great.

Don't plan on touring to much on it however, as the seat and riding position are pure sport bike. It was said they took a lot of design and technology from the RC211V Motogp bike, and I believe them.

Also to note, the RR series has 8 fuel injectors vs the usual 4. The power output reflects on its gas mileage, which is worse than I thought, around 150 miles per tank is my average. I'm sure I could do better, but you can't help, but turn on the juice once in awhile.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2006

11th Dec 2008, 09:48

I will agree, the 05 RR is an amazing bike. Compared to my last bike, the 636, the Honda blows it away when it comes to just about everything. I do seem to be having some problems though with my master cylinder leaking?? If anyone out there has had this same problem, let me know, because I'm finding it very hard to fix.