1986 Kawasaki Concours


Best value for the dollar of almost any big bike


The original intake valves were soft and flared. The dealer in Tucson wanted $1,500 to change them. The COG group helped a great deal. I bought aftermarket carbon valves, pulled the top end and changed all valves myself. I did it on our back deck as our house did not have a garage. 2nd crank the bike started. Now it is oil and filters, and I do the plugs every 3 years.

The fairing cracks easily - I am on my 3rd one, buying them on wreckers from e-bay.

General Comments:

I rode it from Calgary to Portland, then south on Hwy 1 in California. Best ride ever! Handled well and blew all the other bikes off the road.

When in the Rockies with my wife on the back and loaded bags, I scraped the right bag in a curve, I was so far over.

The Rifle fairing and raised bars make a big difference. I am 6 ft 2.

At 52 years I dropped it in the driveway. I think a fly landed on my right arm. Bang, over we went. I use the smaller BMW around town as the Connie is heavy. I bought it from a guy that dropped it in his garage.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2013