2004 Kawasaki EX500


Learn to ride, and see the world with a smile


- Replaced throttle cable due to wear.

General Comments:

I had kept up with regular interval maintenance and found no issues. I bought a Do-it-Yourself manual book, which allowed me to take apart the bike with ease.

I had cleaned the carburetors at 40,000km.

Put in the K&N Air Filter and cleaned every year.

Changed chain (D&D X-ring) and sprockets (Sunstars, front stock, rear +1 teeth) at 60,000km, a bit quicker acceleration.

Changed the light bulb to a Xeon HD blue light.

Formula 1 oil at every 5000km intervals.

Givi E52 Rear rack, excellent purchase.

A little modification here and there.

This bike was very forgiving to me in the first 2 years of bike riding; I made too many mistakes and I am here still walking. A great commuter with the right amount of power, quick and nimble around the corners. Treat it nice, and the bike will show you the world.

I've done Blue Ridge Parkway, Dragon's Tail (Smokey mountain), Bar Harbor x2, Long Island Montauk Point, Mt. Washington, Mt. Whiteface. As many possible twisty roads here and there. It put a smile on my face.

It's insurance wise, and a great learner bike. If you learn how to ride and respect it, the bike will be a keeper. Learn gradually and you'll be respected, even among the supersports.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 26th April, 2010