2010 Kawasaki ZX-14


Every rider should own one and feel the power!!


I have only owned this bike for a couple of months, so no problems yet.

General Comments:

Insanely fast and agile for its weight. I didn't realize how heavy this bike is until I tried to turn it around in my garage and made the mistake of leaning the bike a little too much to the left, and almost dropped the darn thing. Beautiful bike to look at - took my breath away at first sight. Then I went for a ride and now have perma-smile with every ride.

Surprising easy bike to ride considering the performance potential. Effortless to ride when easy on the throttle, and monster power above 4,000 RPM for fast getaways.

Handlebar risers would make the riding position more comfortable, especially on longer rides.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2012

10th Jun 2013, 12:43

I have ridden Kawasakis all my life, and am/was a loyal consumer!

However: I purchased a "brand new" 2010 ZX14 at the end of 2010... So I didn't get much riding in that year... Maybe 5000km.

* Spring of 2012 - with 24,000km on my bike, the connecting rod bolts failed and "blew" my engine (Thank God for buying the extended warranty). They replaced/rebuilt my bike, but I went more than 9 WEEKS without a motorcycle... Because "KAWI" does not have demo bikes for its "customers" to use when their product has a "catastrophic failure"!

* Now June of 2013 - with 37,000km on my bike I've got the exact same noise coming from the bike. It's in the shop being "diagnosed" AGAIN! Right now!

All I know is I will not go without my bike for that long again!

I cannot believe "KAWI" would be so "inconsiderate" to a loyal customer... Not once, but twice when their customer is so "inconvenienced". I treat my bike with velvet gloves... It is my baby, and I can't go a day without riding or cleaning it. I "HOPE" KAWI will step up and make things right... Not just the repairs, but deal with the inconvenience.

2008 Kawasaki ZX-14


This is the machine to get if you're a true rider


Nothing has gone wrong with this beautiful motorcycle.

General Comments:

It a perfect fit for my 6.3" 210 pound built frame. It fit me like a glove.

I love the handling of this bike, it was a pleasant surprise on the way it handle in the turns. And the blue and black Sephira color is the best color to get. It give you two colors for one bike. In the day it's dark blue, and at night it changes into black.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2008