1994 Kawasaki ZX-7R


Amazing, stable and smooth enough for a beginner, with the performance to keep seasoned riders


Nothing. the pet cock switch was missing when I bought it (the switch on the gas tank from on to reserve) so I really have to pay attention to my tripometer (used as a fuel gage, because the bike doesn't come with one).

General Comments:

Amazing. I was first intimidated by the bike being my first supersport bike, upgraded from my beginner bike, but it could not be easier to ride. I actually find it easier to ride than my old 250. Handles better, suspension is softer, but not so soft that the nose dips when braking. Transmission is MUCH smoother, no jerks when shifting. The bike is much more stable. I'm amazed at the stability of this bike, being such a large motorcycle. When leaning into a bend, if you run over a bump or pothole, the bike just goes with it and doesn't jitter AT ALL. My beginner bike would wobble all over the place if I ran over a pothole on a bend.

This bike has a classic design that is admired by fellow bikers. Every time I park it in a lot, I get a biker coming up to me to talk about the bike. Recently a guy with a 2008 CBR600 told me that his bike is a piece of junk compared to the early 90's Ninja 750's.

This bike is a classic, a benchmark for quality and control, blindingly fast (on an open stretch of highway I hit 220kph), and perfect for a beginner moving up to a sport bike. The torque isn't overwhelming like a Yamaha R, and it's much more stable than a Honda or Suzuki. As a first time sport rider, you'll feel very confident and safe on this bike.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 25th June, 2008