2000 Kawasaki ZX-9R


Very satisfied on all categories with this bike


Nothing has ever gone wrong with my bike, it has been rock solid from the day I took delivery.

Stock suspension took some re-tuning and resetting (front and rear ride heights) to aid stability and the power increase I installed.

Brakes could be better in stock form - braided lines cured that though.

General Comments:

The 9R responds very well to professional tuning. Upon addition of a Hindle model Ti full exhaust and Stage II re-jetting, I was able to pick up another 14HP on top of the base run of 126. This exhaust also dropped 25 pounds off the bike in un-sprung weight. The stock exhaust is for a tank!

It's not the sharpest of handling bikes in stock form, but a few suspension mods can cure that. Overall, it can be considered a bike way beyond most average riders ability in this class of machines.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2005

6th Feb 2005, 17:07

Sorry to nit-pick, but the exhaust is not unsprung weight. On a bike, the unsprung components are basically the wheel mounted brake parts, the lower part of the front forks, the swingarm, and the wheels and tyres. Everything else counts as sprung weight - still worth saving, but not quite so much so.

9th Feb 2008, 14:12

My ZX-9R has been rock solid since purchasing it a couple of years ago. I recently started having overheating problems above 200 degrees F. I changed the plugs, oil, filters; she runs better, but I'm still having some sputtering after 200 degrees. I'm thinking of changing the antifreeze.

Also, there is a loud backfire when starting after the bike sits for a couple of weeks.

Any ideas?

13th Sep 2008, 21:31

I agree.

13th Sep 2008, 21:35

You say it sputters at over 200 degrees. When were your valves adjusted last? I would check the lash. Most fans kick on around 215-220 degrees.