2012 Royal Enfield Classic 500


Affordable, looks great but doesn't perform that well


Maps sensor.

Air filter mount broke off.

Lots of nuts and bolts have rattled loose.

Replaced manifold.

General Comments:

Beautiful motorcycle, gets all kinds of attention; I've had people stop me at gas stations, grocery stores and even red lights to ask about it. Aside from the looks it was also very affordable; unfortunately the parts are somewhat expensive and tough to find in Canada.

The style and low initial cost are real pro's, but in the con column the gear box is very clumsy, often dropping out of gear, and the handling also leaves much to be desired, with the pegs and brake lever often hitting the ground when cornering.

Another problem is top speed, as the bike is far too slow for Canadian highways, the back sprocket is as small as can be; apparently you can purchase a larger front sprocket and I'm going to look into that this summer, but the bike needs to go at least another thirty kilometers per hour to be highway ready.

Basically, if you're really into performance or long road trips, I wouldn't recommend buying one, however if you want something to cruise around town on that looks really cool, this is the bike for you.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2018