2009 Suzuki Boulevard C90T


This is the last one


Refused to start, once, for a minute. Readout read FI. Turned the key off then on and it fired right up. Kinda spooks you out in the middle of nowhere.

General Comments:

Plenty of power solo or two up. Don't know why others are getting mid 40's mpg. I ride 55mph/90klm on two lane and 65mph/105klm on multi, and get 57 mpg two up and 61 solo. (imp/gal). And that was on my 1st and 2nd tank. I'm expecting 1 or 2 more once it loosens up.

I love the weight of these big boy's on the highway. No more getting blown around by trucks and side winds.

Comfort is good, but my wife say's "Mustang seat Please".

I've had many more bike's than I deserve over the year's. I'm retiring next year, and I think this is the one I'll ride off into the sunset on.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2010

18th Jan 2011, 17:30

I have a 2006 and three other bikes, and ride around 325 days a year. I grew up on Harleys, but I do love this bike.

I have put on 26,000 so far, and zero problems. I have made several 2000 to 3000 mile trips. This bike loves the open road, and I love this bike!

5th May 2013, 18:07

Do you still have your C90T? I'm looking at buying one, and was impressed by the reviews on this site.

2007 Suzuki Boulevard C90T


Great bike, give me a few more options though


I have had a very bad steering wobble for about a year. I recently had to replace the original back tire (Bridgestone W/W) at 22000K. A very serviceable tire IMHO, and the original front is still on the motorcycle.

My complaint is that the dealer has stated that the steering head bearings need to be replaced on this bike to get rid of the wobble. He demonstrated the "flat spot" to me as the bike was in the shop and on a lift.

I was told that there is NO way to grease these bearings as part of a regular maintenance program. And to take the front end apart to repack the bearings, is the same amount of labour as to replace what appears to be about $100C parts.

So SUZUKI, what is with this? Coming from an agricultural upbringing, I find it VERY disappointing that a world class manufacturer would not take a lesson from some one like John Deere or Caterpillar.

"The squeaky wheel gets the grease, but not in Suzuki's case"

General Comments:

No serviceability for the steering head bearings, a MAJOR safety concern.

Fit and finish, fantastic.

Needs a sixth gear.

Price point value to price was excellent.

IMHO, a truly gorgeous cruiser.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2010

2009 Suzuki Boulevard C90T


Long, comfortable, agile cruiser!


Nothing... perfect so far.

General Comments:

I upgraded from the C50 to the C90T because I do a lot of two up riding.

This bike is agile around town, and an absolute pleasure to ride on the highway.

The bike has a tall fifth gear for cruising speeds, so it's more comfortable in fourth under 90 kms/hr. The smaller gas tank usually isn't an issue for me, because after 120 miles I'm ready to stretch my legs.

Creamy smooth and long, this bike has got to be one of, if not the best cruisers on the market.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2010

2008 Suzuki Boulevard C90T


Excellent Highway Cruiser


Throttle Position Sensor - sometimes revs up (when at idle) all by itself, or won't come completely down to normal idle when coming to a stop.

General Comments:

I love this bike! I’m 54 yrs old; hadn’t ridden in 30+ years; am 195 lbs, and 6 ft tall. I bought the bike in August of 2008 and have ridden it for a few months now (as of May 2009 - before and after the winter). The C90T (Canadian model with light bar, windshield, crash bars, white walls and saddle bags included) is great on the highway – very, very stable. Even in high cross winds (which we seem to get a lot of around here) and with semi’s coming and going, I feel very safe on the bike (despite my relative lack of riding experience).

The low centre of gravity made it an excellent choice for someone like me who was not a brand new beginner, but had not ridden in three decades, i.e., really stable and forgiving, especially at high speed. I find it to be fairly easy to manoeuvre at low speed in tight turns as well, BUT, it is a heavy bike so I wouldn’t recommend it solely as a bike for riding around town.

There are only two negatives that I would comment on. The seat is not that comfortable (for me) and the fuel tank is not that big.

No doubt the seat discomfort that I experience is due to my longer legs and where/how I sit on the bike, so it may not apply to others. I’m finding that the trick seems to be to try to sit more forward (i.e., at the longitudinal centre of the seat) than I would naturally do. This means that I have to scrunch up a little, which feels a bit awkward. The natural position for me is at the back of the seat which is the hardest and most painful. The seat is springier in the middle.

I get 40.41 mpg or 5.82 L/100 km in mixed riding, which generally equates to around 225 km/140 mi endurance (250 km/155 mi if I have a tailwind, am feeling lucky and have my CAA/AAA roadside assistance membership card at the ready). That works out to around two hours riding (on the highway) which is about as far as I’d want to go without a break.

Did I mention that I love this bike?

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Review Date: 16th May, 2009

14th Jun 2009, 07:39

Great bike, I am 6'1" 230 lbs and I picked up the Suzuki gel seat. You sit lower and back and I can ride all day without much discomfort at all. The stock seat gave me a sore butt after only about 45 minutes; go with the gel seat, you will love it.