2007 Suzuki Boulevard M50


Nice bike and an enjoyable ride


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

The bike has a quick and smooth acceleration. The bike is well balanced and it handles nicely on the highways, acting like a bigger bike, but still the agility in the city to get around easily.

I’ve added a back-rest with a rack that allows me to commute to work during the day, and take my teenage girls to their soccer games at night. The bike has a comfortable seating position, although had to get used to it from riding my previous bike with the typical standard, sitting up configuration.

From an appearance view point, it has a nice flow and design.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2009

2006 Suzuki Boulevard M50


Good value, good ride, good features, and looks very cool


Storage compartment cover came off while riding, had to replace for $50.

General Comments:

Really great bike overall, very good looking and scores in key areas.

Very sweet engine and trans; overhead cam, 4 valve per cylinder twin, fuel injected, liquid cooled, with lots of good usable midrange. A bit more displacement would be nice though. (800)

Inverted forks look awesome, and no visible rear shocks, very clean look, shaft drive. Kinda looks like a cruiser that wants to be a sport bike.

No tach or fuel guage, or hydro clutch, good sacrifices, they had to cut corners somewhere to keep the cost surprisingly low.

The bike is not comfortable going much over 90 km/hr, could use a higher top gear and better suspension; had a Yamaha Seca 900 and it felt comfortable up to about 140 km/hr. Makes a superb backroad cruiser, but this bike is not for major highways.

Has kind of an odd feeling rider position, makes one want to slouch, kind of difficult to sit up straight.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2008

2008 Suzuki Boulevard M50


Excellent bike, easy to ride, the fun doesn't wear off


No problems at all... better not be, it is only 2 weeks old!

General Comments:

Having always had Kawasaki or Honda bikes, Suzuki was new to me. The second I saw the M50, I fell in love with it. Loved the look, all black, kinda big and mean looking.

Then I researched it online, and have never seen so much good stuff said about a bike. Everyone that has one, seems to love it.

Armed with the initial admiration and lots of reasons to back it up, I purchased one a couple weeks ago. I love it.

At 6' tall and 245lbs, I wasn't so sure it would like hauling me around. To my delight, it hardly feels like there is anything on it. Even when I take my wife, it has lots of power to do what I want it to do. It handles really well, and has all the rumble I need to make me feel good. My other bikes were always sport cruisers, and were pretty quick, with all kinds of top end. I don't miss that at all. The M50 is fun to drive.

My only beef is the seat... I tend to sit back a bit, and it does press into the tailbone. Not a big deal, I will replace that when it becomes an issue.

I can't wait to put a million miles on it!

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Review Date: 4th August, 2008

2008 Suzuki Boulevard M50


Ideal entry level cruiser - with style to spare

General Comments:

This is my first cruiser, and it is a great bike. Looks great, handles very well and is reliable.

I've only just finished breaking it in, but it has plenty of acceleration and lots of low end grunt.

My criteria for my 'ideal' bike were, from front to back:

Wide front tire, cast wheels. Liquid cooled engine, preferably fuel injected, and shaft drive.

The M50 has the lot. Yes the brakes are only 'adequate', and if you like really loud pipes you'll be spending some $$ on aftermarket pipes - or butchering the originals, which I think is probably not so smart.

Seat is not too supportive for my boney bum, so a gel seat is going on.

Checking the coolant is fiddly. Checking the oil sight glass is easy, especially if you lean an old mirror against the side of the garage. (It saves all that bending over or balancing the bike while you squat.)

I looked at HD883S, and was put off by the front tire and forks, as well as the air cooled approach and the inflated price.

The M50 is a good all round bike. Dress it up and make it yours.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2008