2007 Suzuki V-Strom DL650


Nice powertrain ruined by a poor design

General Comments:

Seat is brutal, but nothing compared to the typhoon the poorly designed fairing and useless windscreen produce. Ruins any enjoyment riding over 50 mph compared to real bikes.

Shouldn't have to rebuild half the bike to make it ride able. Take the shield off and it's a decent bike.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2008

11th Aug 2009, 21:18

Spending 100$ on either a Givi windscreen, or a MadStad bracket will fix this issue.

I prefer the MadStad bracket, as it's adjustable, and can be configured to deflect air, or to direct it at the rider. One's great for highway, and cold days. The other is fantastic for slower riding on hot days.

Yes, the stock windshield stinks, but, well, the same is true for a number of bikes (K75s, XJ600s, etc, etc).

26th Jan 2010, 01:27

Having ridden for over 40 years, many types and makes of bikes, year round, I would like to state that the Wee Strom is the best all rounder that you can buy today. Very good value for the money. ABS is great and that v twin engine is a gem.

Seats are subjective and my butt likes this one, the screen is fixed using the Madstad bracket. I love the fuel economy and it is super simple to service.

The look grow on you as you appreciate the design. The injection is spot on cold or hot, the exhaust could do with more character but will not offend the neighbors.

Gravel roads, sand and snow don't seem to bother it, I added a front fork brace, skid pan, crash bars, handgrip protectors and centre stand for convenience.

13th Mar 2010, 16:01

Agree with a previous poster, add a Madstad and problem is easily solved.

18th Jun 2010, 04:14

Mine was ridden by my wife and I with a big pack plus tank-bag 1100 km in one glorious day of riding. Most of it secondary sealed road, but including some high country gravel surfaces. We arrived in better shape than ever before after such a long ride. The bike was totally unflustered and regularly gets over 400km to a tank of gas laden as above. At 10,000 km the tyres look to have 3,000 km left in them. This is a superb all roads bike.

2005 Suzuki V-Strom DL650


Adventure Tourer on a budget if set up properly


Starter relay blew in early August; my dealer replaced it with a relay from a floor model bike.

General Comments:

Coming from cruisers, this is easily the quickest motorcycle I have yet to own. It's not the fastest motorcycle out there, but in the right hands, the DL650 will embarrass many sport bikes in the twisties.

In stock trim I have found the DL650 to be a comfortable bike to ride. It has an upright seating position, which helps to keep the weight off of your hands and spine. Stock seats are usually the first thing many riders replace, but I have managed a couple days with over 700 miles in the saddle. The adjustable windshield works well for me, while some complain about buffeting.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2005