2007 Suzuki VS1400 Intruder


I would recommend it


My one concern is that the gas tank is too small (14L) for a 1500 cc engine.

General Comments:

I had the 1400 Intruder, a cruiser, which was quicker and more responsive, but not comfortable for longer trips, and when riding 2-up, I ended up on the gas tank.

The 1500 touring is much more comfortable, and seems to get better gas mileage. As an experiment, I ran it dry and got 275 km (170 miles) to the tank.

Handles well and very responsive to the throttle.

Passengers are more comfortable, but did comment that the foot pegs were not in the optimum position.

I have received many compliments on its looks.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2012

11th May 2012, 14:08

I agree. We have the 1500, and I ride as the passenger. Took a 3 hours ride to Leesburg Fl this past April, and I was not comfortable at all. The vibration did a number on my lower back. I got a Royal Riding cushion on the trip back, and it was better. Need the the foot pegs replaced though with the passenger foot boards. May make a difference.

2001 Suzuki VS1400 Intruder


Best looking motorcycle, and the most bang for your buck in the class


Normal wear and tear items only.

General Comments:

The VS1400 Intruder has been around since 1987 and very few things have changed over the years. Ignition box located under the seat has changed and there are no after-market sources for replacement for the early years. This possibly contributes to the early models producing more horsepower than newer versions. At one time, all the wiring was routed inside the handlebars, where it's now routed outside.

Originally a 4 speed, Europe received a 5 speed gearbox in 1992, Canada received that option in 1996, and the US finally got the 5 speed version in 1997.

Until very recently, it was the quickest of the big twin motorcycles, with other manufacturers having to bump up their displacement over 200cc to win that crown.

For a big twin, it weighs in at a svelte 577lbs wet in stock trim.

Many will say the stock seat is a brick, but a few of us have travelled extensively with few complaints.

As with any motorcycle, in the right hands the VS1400 is an awesome bike, and while not recommended, it can wheelie and handles the twistiest roads with ease. It's the perfect platform to stretch into a chopper as it already has those lines.

The VS1400 stands out from the crowd and always attracts admirers wherever you happen to ride.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2005