2019 Yamaha TW200


Ideal for trails. Fun for backroads. Fine for the city. Too slow for the freeway


Nothing. Rode it about 6450 KM in about 22 months.

Oil and filters, valve adjust once, chain adjust.

No issues of any kind.

General Comments:

I rode this bike for just shy of two years; mostly just local country roads on the weekend. I think if you stay off the freeway/interstates, it is OK up to about 55 mph.

At that point it runs out of steam. People will mess with the gearing, etc. and try to make the TW more than it is; but at heart it's just a fun light bike for roaming around on trails and quiet country roads. I think it also makes a decent commuter bike for the city as long as there are no highways involved.

After two years I felt like I needed something just a little more powerful, heavier, and more capable of highway travel.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 28th March, 2022