1980 Yamaha XJ650


Great performance, looks, reliability, sound


Carbs need a bit of tuning/synching.

Had to get seat recovered.

General Comments:

I bought this bike for $1350. It was an 8/10 to look at then. Now it's a 9/10.

I spent about 400$ on it over the winter, changed plugs, all fluids, had the seat recovered, high speed wire wheel polish on engine, and extensive chrome polish everywhere.

The bike could honestly sit in a showroom now. I have about 1800$ into it.

It sounds great, it's faster than all my friends bikes, even 1500cc's +.

It's unique, nobody else has one, it's cool, fast, fun, reliable... I couldn't say enough about it.

This bike will cruise comfortable between 50-75mph. Above 80mph, it is starting to rev a bit and sounds a bit strained. The tank isn't very large, and there is no gauge, so you need to pay attention to the fuel levels... I wouldn't pick this bike for a really long trip.

I have a backrest, saddle bags, and a windshield for it, but I usually ride it without any of that crap, I prefer the simple, naked look.

For a 40 year old bike, this thing is amazing, it outperforms many machines on the road that are decades newer. Love this bike.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 19th May, 2018