1984 Yamaha XV1000/TR1


I doubt I'll ever have a bike I love as much as this one


Valves out of adjustment.

Rear tire.

Fork seals.


General Comments:

The valves, rear tire and fork seals were all in need of service when I first looked at it on the dealer's lot.

I fell in love with this bike at first glance. That burgundy paint, that gold chrome, the Corbin seat.

I actually bought it without even test riding it! And then on the way home I cracked the throttle, felt the power, heard that V-Twin growl, and I smiled.

I remembered seeing these bikes on the showroom floor back in 84 and drooling over them, but I couldn't afford one at that time.

I had all the service done before I left the lot with it, and then for the next 3 years, all I did was change oil and put in gas.

I loved this bike. I would get all kinds of comments about how it shined in the sun. That was because I put serious polish time in on it every weekend. It was worth it.

It all ended a few years later when a guy in a mini van decided he really needed gas bad, and cut across my lane to get to those gas pumps. I was broken a bit, but my bike was broken bad.

I miss it.

Still, not the most comfortable beast. I'm a pretty big guy, so by the time the tank started to run dry at 170 Kms, I was ready for a leg stretch anyway.

That said, if I ever get the chance to own another one, I will.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 3rd November, 2011

5th Apr 2018, 17:31

"Would", not Will.

I bought it new in 84. Drove it for a year including a round Europe tour which was 7500km done, in the end. Never once gave me discomfort. Fast and furious. Out-paced any sports car or comer owner. Left them standing. Mine was normal chromed and British racing green. Fabulous bike.