1982 Yamaha XZ550 Vision


Liked it so much I replaced it with the very similar Suzuki DL650 V-Strom


Stator went twice.

Changed the fork seals.

Replaced the brake lines with stainless steel.

Sealed the gas tank with POR.

Excessive oil in the air box, vented breather to outside.

Changed the exhaust to a MAC.

Sealing O-rings in the left hand case cover.

Engine went at 83,000 km (rear cylinder timing chain must have slipped). Anyway, the engine went out of time and broke a camshaft.

General Comments:


The engine has a satisfying mix of low end thumping and high end revs (half a Venture/V-Max). Classy appearance in grey with the small Shark fairing. Shaft drive meant no chain to maintain, and with soft bags it made for a nice adventure tourer. Rad, etc well shielded, tipping it over doesn't damage anything. Big steel tank, handy for tank bags. Not too heavy to lug around.


Not exactly a Gold Wing on the highway. More stability, a bigger seat, and a better shock would have been good for long distance touring.

Bought this bike cheap second hand for a trip across Canada. It took me from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland and back, and then lasted nearly another 20 years doing various trips across the country.

Came from the factory set way too lean, with a stumble aggravated by soft front forks. Adjusted the mixture correctly with a Color tune, put in heavier fork oil, and other than heated grips, throttle lock, and a heated vest connection, that was it for mods. Basically ran and ran until it broke for good.

See http://www.ridersofvision.net/rovforum/ for support, parts, etc.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2006