1995 Triumph Bonneville




The battery charging unit was changed to the black box system, and I've had a new one since the first one was fitted.

General Comments:

I've in fact got 6 motorcycles.

1. Triumph Tiger Cub.

2. BSA Road Rocket.

3. Le vellocette 200cc 'noddy bike'.

4. BMW RT100.

5. AJS 500cc single.

6. And the Triumph Bonni.

So I'm sure you'll see I've been into bikes for years, and now I'm retired I can enjoy both the keeping and riding of them all.

The 650 Bonni is a fast bike and sounds nice. It also looks good.

I've no negative points regrading the bike, and it's like any bike; you must know your bike before you try doing silly speeds. What I mean by this is the brakes on Bonni are not as good as a lot of modern bikes, BUT providing you respect the year and the way bikes were made in the 60s, then you won't go far wrong when it comes to stopping quick.

You've heard the saying horses for courses?? Well it's same thing for bikes; if you want a very soft shaft driven ride down some of these french country tracks, then the LE 200 is made for such a ride.

For the distance ride, it's the BMW RT100, made for long distances, and with the panniers on it, you've got the room for all your needs.

And if you're needing to chat to other motor bike "petrol heads??" The AJS 1955 never fails to start up a chat about when British bikes ruled the bike world (and my dad had one of them).

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Review Date: 28th October, 2013