1994 Triumph Trophy 1200


It's an excellent, good handling, unfussy, fast tourer, with more than enough of everything


Needed new coils soon after I got it, but they weren't expensive and they were swapped easily.

I've just had a new rear tyre fitted, and was told the wheel bearings are just on their way out, so they'll be replaced this winter - probably do the front wheel while I'm at it. The only other thing is that when I use it for shortish runs, say about 20 km, it doesn't seem to charge very well. If I do a long run, it's no problem.

The bike cost me 1500€ altogether and has given me excellent service. I don't think I can complain about the faults above based on the mileage done.

General Comments:

I love the beautifully smooth engine and the huge torque it has. I can sit in top gear most of the time. I cross the border into Switzerland every day for work, and it goes through at less than 30 kph in top gear and then pulls away.

It's a bit on the heavy side for the Black Forest (where I live in S. Germany), but it does everything I want very well despite that, and the handling is very predictable and steady.

Brakes are excellent, but it's the engine braking that really impresses me.

It's very comfortable. Even though I'm vertically challenged, I have no problem getting my feet on the ground - don't know why some people do!

It is quite capable of cruising flat out if the autobahn is empty; that's an indicated 255 kph.

It's an old (like me) bike now, but it's a very good bike too, and I wouldn't contemplate selling it. Think I need a Street Triple, too.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2012

13th Apr 2016, 07:56

Fantastically informative, huge mileage - are there no better and cheaper to run bikes, when you have that much use?