1999 Peugeot Elyseo 125


Quiet, comfortable, economical, but restricted

General Comments:

A quiet engine that can commute comfortably with two passengers and some luggage.

Stable engine temperature, whatever the ambient temperature or the load.

Economical; about 3lt/100Km.

A lot of space under the seat.

Good quality of all the plastics, even though it is 6 years old.

Fair handling for a scooter, but very light steering with no information, and unstable when cornering at high speeds.

When you open the seat, you see two caps; one is for the gas and the other is for the oil. Even though is not a 2 stroke, it burns oil. That's why Peugeot engineers place the oil filler point under the seat.

The gas warning light flashes very quickly at about the half of the tank used.

Tall, especially the passenger's seat.

Poor headlight.

The horn is where all the other bikes have the signal button, and vice versa. That needs some time to get used to.

Central stand is very difficult to manipulate.

Very small wheels make it easy to fall when braking in a corner, but that is a common thing in scooters.


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Review Date: 14th September, 2007