2008 Honda C90 Cub


Super economical antique that can be purchased new


Leaking oil from top of crankcase due to dealer overfilling oil during "activation" at time of purchase. Corrected at first service by putting in proper amount of oil (600mL).

Horn doesn't always sound at first touch of the button, as if contacts are corroded.

General Comments:

This is the classic Super Cub of 50 years production, 60 million units sold, built in Japan and assembled in Honda's Guadalajara plant. Extremely durable and economical. Gives consistent 90-100 mpg (US). I have never been able to achieve Honda's claimed 117 mpg, probably due to my not breaking in the engine properly.

Uncomfortable for my height of 6'. Handling and braking leave a lot to be desired due to antiquated suspension system and mechanical drum brakes.

Bike has fallen over once while parked, and fallen over at low speed, resulting only in scratching mirrors, scratching front fender and bending pegs upward.

Engine starts on first or second kick without fail, vibration and noise have reduced greatly as it breaks in. Runs equally well on Magna (87 AKI) or Premium (92 AKI) gasoline. Will go six blocks with fuel shut off, or four blocks using the choke after running out of fuel.

Lighting system is inadequate with 30w headlight and 10w turn signals.

Dealer service is terrible in my city, it seems that Honda dealers aren't well supervised here in Mexico.

Overall a great bike, I love the 1958 styling.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 12th May, 2009