1988 Suzuki GSX400X Impulse


Great starter bike


Works like a charm. Only needed to clean my starter button (bike wasn't used for about 3 years, and was full with spider's webs).

General Comments:

Great bike. It's my first bike. I got it from one of my uncles who didn't use the bike for about 3 years. All it needed was some fresh oil and petrol, and it started almost immediately. Mine was fitted with an aftermarket full fairing, but I removed it and replaced it with the original headlight cover.

Although my bike needs some carb synchronizing, it goes pretty fast. Lightweight, 400cc, but yet plenty of power. Although you need to rev it pretty hard, but that's one of the charming points of this bike. You don't instantly lose your drivers license when you rev it to its max.

It can be a bit wobbly when you ride it hard, but I can live with it. Brakes are also good (it's not a wheelie bike, but a stoppie bike!).

Ride comfort is also good, although the seat is a bit low and the rider's position isn't that big (I'm about 1,85 m long), some of my friends call it the "screaming Japanese moped".

I recently fitted a Micron exhaust can; now it sounds really nice (almost like a F1 car)

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 15th July, 2011