2006 Ducati 999s


Sculpture in motion


The Ducati has been extremely reliable, however it is maintained to Ducati specifications by the authorized dealer.

The one fault that occurred was an intermittent cutting of the engine. Wait 15 minutes and it would go again. Finally traced to a faulty fuel pump. Once the pump was replaced, no further problem.

Still on the original clutch and the bike still looks like new.

General Comments:

Stunning looking bike that shows its superbike pedigree every time I ride it. Power, handling, and braking are superb. No longer do I go for a ride just to experience the countryside. This is now about constant polishing of technique and constant learning, as the bike is that good. I am now a much better rider, but never will I be good enough to test the limits of this machine. The Ducati 999 (mine is a 2006 S) is one of the world's landmark motorcycles.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 1st May, 2015