2006 Honda CBR600RR


This bike exceeded all my expectations


Nothing has gone wrong with this bike.

General Comments:

The CBR600RR is the bike of my dreams, and all those dreams came true when I bought it in December 2007.

Nothing has ever gone wrong with it.

It costs the same to run as a friends Kawasaki Ninja 250cc twin. With about 3X the horse power. (118hp)

When I see it parked in my shed, it looks like it's watching me and begging me to take it out.

It gets lots of looks.

Sounds good standard, but I have heard it's even better when fitted with an after market exhaust (coming soon).

Some people say that these are gutless at low revs. Not me. At 100kph it's revving at 5200rpm. If you want to pass, just twist and go. If you want to pass fast, chop down to 3rd or even 2nd. But I doubt you will ever need to. It is fun though.

And yes it is fast... A little too fast for someone who is not careful.

1st gear 0-130kph, 2nd 165kph and so on. Top speed (not by me), but I hear is about 265kph.

If you like this style of bike, you will love this sports bike.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 27th May, 2008