1989 Kawasaki GPX600R


A cheap, underrated bike that still cuts it


Rev counter sometimes reads double the actual revs.

Can suffer from vapor lock if left in the sun for any time.

Anti-dive unit leaked fork oil.

General Comments:

My first "proper" motorcycle after owning a Suzuki GT250X7. I bought it because it was cheap, black and was 600cc.

I'm not a hard-out racer and I find this bike is more than enough for my skills. The exhaust sounds a lot better than most other bikes this size, and leaves all the cars standing at the lights (especially the little boy racers in their tarted up Mazda rotary's).

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2005

15th Mar 2010, 16:10

I am gonna buy one tomorrow, mine is built in 1992 so it is old.

The miles are low, and the bike is damn cheap because it was stolen 3 months before.

Someone forced the ignition switch and got rid off the licence plate. These parts can be bought for about 75 euro.

I have to pay 500 euro for the bike, and I will only buy it if the engine runs, and I can get a spin on it round the block.

I am gonna use the bike to get to work and back every day, and I am looking forward to riding it all ready.