2010 Suzuki Boulevard M50


I love this bike!

General Comments:

Comfortable; my first ride was 300 km non-stop, with no numb bum or other discomfort.

Great handling, I love to lean this bike, it's light and easily manoeuvred. Easy to keep up with other bikes.

Responsive engine, low rev torque is more than enough, and easy cruising at 120 km/hr and above.

Fuel tank large enough for 275 to 300 km. A slightly larger tank would be nice, but not necessary.

Exhausts!!! Suzuki, make the factory fitted exhaust louder - be seen, be heard, be safe! This is the first thing I'd change with after market parts.

Brakes. Would love to see this bike with double front discs and a single rear disc, but then it probably wouldn't be such a great price. The bike is a cruiser, not a sports bike, so the brakes are adequate for the intended purpose.

I started riding at the age of 61, two years ago. I did 20 months (24,000 km) on a leaner 250cc cruiser, then bought my Boulevard M50 a couple of months ago. I did a lot of research and decided on the M50 because it was in the size and weight range I wanted (750 to 900 cc), had mag wheels, was shaft drive, had a nice low and comfortable seat, and looked like a classic cruiser.

I've done 2,100 km in just over two months. I ride her whenever I can, I use her to commute (unfortunately only 10 km each way - I try to take the longer way home whenever possible) and take longer rides in the weekend.

I would just like a little more noise from the exhaust to make me more noticeable to other vehicles out on the road.

She's the bright orange colour, I like that, and people come up to me when I pull up and comment on her looks.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2012

2007 Suzuki Boulevard M50


O for Awesome (if you're a Kiwi, you'll get this)



General Comments:

I bought this motorcycle used with 8300 kms on the clock, and immediately rode it home 150 kms in the rain. It handled superbly. For a returning rider, I couldn't have picked a better bike.

Handling is a dream, even with a passenger. A little stiff with 1 up, but 2 up is good. I will adjust the rear shock to suit. It won't be long before I'll be scraping the pegs. It leans effortlessly, better than a cruiser should.

Braking could be improved, twin discs up front and rear disc would be better.

Looks - fantastic, that why I picked this bike over the more common and cheaper C50. I love the black wheels.

Seat - got a little numb after an hour and a half, but crikey, I haven't regularly ridden for nearly 20 years, so I think it's more a fault with my rear than the bike seat. Even my wife commented that the pillion seat is more comfortable than it looks.

Stickers - look ugly, easily removed with wife's hairdrier and a little turps.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2009

13th Jan 2011, 02:01

So David Tua rides an M50? I'm coming up to sitting my full license, so am looking at bigger bikes. Currently ride a 2006 Hyosung GV250 with the baffles drilled out. I'm looking at the Suzuki C50C and M50 and the Hyosung ST-7. The Honda Shadow 750 has been discounted because of a lack of power; it's power to weight is the same as my GV250 Hyosung cruiser. Must admit that I prefer the C50C's alloy wheels. However there aren't too many of them around on the second hand market. Oh well, gotta get my full license first.

2007 Suzuki Boulevard M50


One nice ride!!


Not exactly a fault, but I detest the factory warning stickers and they are very hard to remove.

General Comments:

I am new to bikes, Suzuki GN-250, SV-650 and now the M50.

I'm an older guy and figure I'll live longer on this machine.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2007

25th Aug 2007, 06:20

I am considering one of these vs a 'traditional' bike. How do the forward pegs handle 110 km/h?

7th Oct 2008, 23:00

To remove the stickers, use a hair dryer, & prepsol to remove any gum.