2006 Suzuki GSX1400


Brilliant, amazing, superb, can't find something better, and I've tried heaps


Nothing has gone wrong with this motorbike. I actually like the bike so much that this is my second GSX1400!!

General Comments:

Out of the box, the suspension needs proper setting up, as on it's standard settings, it wallows like a whale in high speed sweepers. Once the standard suspenders have been tweaked properly, you do not need aftermarket suspension as the standard units are superb.

These bike will stay ahead of just about anything when pushed through the twisties, and if you're not a heavy sausage, will nudge 260kmh when everything is tucked in and you are wearing tight leathers (indicated if course).

A great all rounder and super comfy. Great for touring, two up work or going hard all day long. I've managed 1200kms in 13 hours on torturous roads, and could have done it all again.

There's not too many bikes around that will let you ride like a hooligan or just cruise in comfort all day long. When you drop a gear, you better be hanging on.

For a 228kg (dry) bike, they handle like a dream. Ground clearance is not an issue if you use upper body weight when cornering, and get your shoulder down.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 31st January, 2010