2004 Vespa ET2 50


Vespa is the only way to go in round town scooters. Everything else is a pale copy


Dash clock died real early.

Bearings in the steering went around 5000km.

Stand step-handle broke off, making it almost impossible to get the stand down.

Worst was when the exhaust fell off because the bolts had come out.

Glove-box has an annoying habit of falling open every now and then.

General Comments:

The engine hasn't missed a beat, and I love passing all those stationary cars during rush hour. OK Chinese scooters are less than half the price, but Vespa IS scooters, and this is a lot nicer ride than those cheapies; plus it is still going! I love my scooter.

Performance is bloody great given it is only a little 50cc, and it is moving a fairly heavy scooter plus my over 100kg around. The speedo tells me I can get up to around 70kmph, which is fine given I never ride on the open road.

Only hassle is the wet days, which tend to mean soggy socks from the rain dripping off the over-trousers.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 4th August, 2007