1993 Yamaha V Max




Nothing major.

Blocked fuel filter (replaced it).

Cleaned internals of starter motor. It was cranking over slow, but is fine now.

General Comments:

I wasn't aware of the V-Max until I went looking for a bike to buy (I had been away for bikes for years, and had previously owned British bikes)

I looked at a V-Max for sale, and when the owner started it up, I knew I had to own it! The sound!! :)

I've grown to love this bike, it has real character, and more power than I'll ever need.

It's not ideal for longer rides though, the seat is uncomfortable after 100kms, and the petrol tank is small and it's quite a thirsty beast. But I have been away on several two week trips on it.

The previous owner hadn't used it much, and so initially there were some minor niggles, but once they were sorted and it was serviced, it has been very reliable. Just the odd thing vibrating off.

I really love my v-Max :)

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 2nd March, 2011