1990 Yamaha XJ600


A calm and dependable old friend


Had to replace right hand front caliper; mounting hole was made of cheese, not sure what happened there.

Carbs need an overhaul, just wear and tear/maintenance.

Rear shock is a bit flogged.

General Comments:

I bought this bike as a barn find that had been in a shed for nearly twenty years. A quick tidy up and it flew through its compliance Warranty of Fitness, and a nice new licence plate was issued.

My previous bike was a factory hot FZR400 that was incredibly quick, handled very nicely, but required physiotherapy after each ride; far too cramped! The XJ600 is very comfortable, and pretty staid.

It isn't the most exciting bike performance-wise, but to be honest it is nice to have something where I turn the key, go for a nice ride to work or just out and about, and nothing bad happens. It is comfortable, I get a good range out of a tank, and I don't feel tired after a ride. I like it!

The brakes are not particularly flash, but the engine has excellent 'braking' properties, which negates the need to use the brakes much at all.

The bike is rated at about ~53kw (~72hp) from the factory, and it is delivered smoothly and predictably, making it a very easy bike to operate.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 16th October, 2012